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Several of our agents have been restoring cars for over 20 years each. Anyone who has done a complete rotisserie restoration knows that every part, piece or component of the vehicle gets detailed attention. We have built many cars that were mostly stock in form, and a few that are a bit more on the custom side. The latest build is taking place in the form of a 1967 Camaro that ultimately will be a twin-turbo street car that will build in the neighborhood of 1200 horsepower under high boost and 600hp with low boost. Our other Custom project is a 1969 Dodge Charger RT/SE that is also being approached with a road racing state of mind. It will be fitted with a 572cid all aluminum big block that will make a mild 800 horsepower, just enough to make it to the grocery store for last minute items. As an insurance agent, it was obvious there are not too many companies that will accept these types of risk. After several months of research, not only did we develop relationships with a few companies that will insure these types of custom cars, they will also insure them from the time the restoration starts to the time the vehicle is ready to be driven. Our personal goals and hobbies make us the best insurer of classic and custom vehicles around and whether your goal is to have the best coverages or the best rates, we have companies to make it happen for you. We love our cars too, and understand the blood sweat and tears that goes into building them. That is why you need to call us to insure them!

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